Pirates Star Geoffrey Rush Denies Inappropriate Behavior Allegations

Geoffrey Rush in Los Angeles

Geoffrey Rush in Los Angeles

Rush has been accused of conducting "inappropriate behavior" during the production of the play, King Lear.

In a statement made by Rush's lawyer, STC is called into question for how they have handled the situation and claim that the company has "chosen to smear his name and have caused unjustifiable damage to his reputation".

"At this stage, Mr Rush can only reiterate his statement that he denies having been involved in any "inappropriate behaviour" whatsoever". A spokesperson for the company told Australia's The Daily Telegraph newspaper that the allegations of Rush's misconduct reportedly took place over a time period of several months, although it's not clear whether or not that included rehearsal time too.

The Sydney Theatre Company says it received a complaint from a staffer a little under two years ago relating to Rush's time on the production that ran from November 2015 to January 2016, The Daily Telegraph reported.

On Wednesday, the company issued a statement making clear that "this was an allegation made to (not by) the STC and not a conclusion of impropriety". But that's all the detail I have on it, not because of the lateness of the story but because that's about as far as the story goes. "However, no response was forthcoming", he said. Here's what the Sydney Theatre Company had to say about the allegation made against Rush.

Rush' lawyers responded that "not to afford a person their right to know what has been alleged against them, let alone not inform them of it but release such information to the public is both a denial of natural justice and is not how our society operates". STC responded truthfully that it had received such a complaint.

The accuser asked to remain anonymous and did not want Rush to be notified or involved in any investigation - and the company did not expand upon what "inappropriate behavior" Rush allegedly engaged in.

"An accusation that has been made by someone about Geoffery Rush's behaviour". A separate personal statement from Rush stated that the management of the Sydney Theatre Company "refused" to reveal details of the allegations even after he'd found out about the complaint. His lawyer has spoken with Daily Mail, telling the publication that Rush had never been told about the alleged complaint by STC or the complainant.

Rising young actor Meyne Raoul Wyatt, who appeared in King Lear, said he believed his castmate's version of events.

"I believe (the person who) has come forward".

Rush first rose to worldwide fame when he won an Oscar in 1996 for his performance as David Helfgott in the film Shine.

Rush's lawyer said: "To date, Mr Rush or any of his representatives have not received any representations from the STC or the complainant".

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