Iranian teenager has 50 surgeries to 'look like Angelina Jolie'

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Sahar Tabar underwent 50 surgeries to look like Angelina Jolie

AN IRANIAN woman has gone viral after claiming she's had 50 surgeries in a bid to look like her idol Angelina Jolie.

Featured recently in Belgium's Sud Info, Sahar said her goal in life is to look like the Hollywood actress. Considering that she is 4.8 ft, the 19-year-old could be underweight. She also lost almost 88 pounds during her transformation.

After the teen went under a series of surgeries to look like Angelina Jolie, social media users are telling her she looks nothing like the Hollywood star.

Sahar has created a distinctive look, sharing photos on her Instagram with make-up emphasising her full pout and sharp cheekbones, that has some claiming she resembles a "zombie".

While the drastic and unhealthy weight loss is apparent, many aren't convinced she's gone under the knife, with some assuming that she's wearing prosthetics on her cheeks, nose, and lips, and using makeup and contouring to enhance other features. Meanwhile, the teenager has become quite popular on social and has over three lakh followers on Instagram.

Sahar is said to have lost 40 kilos and undergone the procedures in the space of just a few months.

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