Invite Your Destiny 2 Ghost to Your Amazon Alexa-Enabled Device

Invite Your Destiny 2 Ghost to Your Amazon Alexa-Enabled Device

Invite Your Destiny 2 Ghost to Your Amazon Alexa-Enabled Device

“Alexa is now part of the Destiny 2 experience, and were excited for what that means for Destiny 2 players and the future of games and voice technology, ” said Steve Rabuchin, Vice President, Amazon Alexa.

Destiny 2 Ghost, which works with all versions of the game, is available for download right now for Alexa enabled devices, but there's an immersive option you may want to consider as well.

The Destiny 2 Ghost skill for Alexa has over 1,000 custom lines and can answer a wide range of questions about the game, a lot more than is shown in those videos.

Fans of Bungie's Destiny 2 can now own a replica Ghost AI companion device in the real world.

The amount of "skills" that Alexa can produce through voice activation on a device is much more than that for Google Home - whether the skills already present within Alexa will all be available to Australians or whether they will be geoblocked remains to be soon.

For AWS, and Vogels in particular, voice is the natural way to communicate with IT applications and infrastructure, even databases - more so than by frantically clicking on a mouse and tapping on a keyboard.

The Ghost skill, available as a free enable from the Alexa app and website and available to anyone with an Echo device, allows players to keep tabs on what is going on in the game without actually playing.

To watch the latest episode of "This is Us" on your Amazon Fire TV, all you have to do now is ask Alexa to play it. Using Alexa to communicate with Ghost doesn't necessarily give players any sort of competitive advantage.

According to CNBC, citing sources, Amazon is preparing to present an Alexa for Business platform, along with initial partners that have developed skills for business customers, before it rounds off its annual conference.

There's also a limited edition speaker which looks like a Ghost, so you can have that sat beside you while you play. The skill is can be enabled now, and you can pre-order the Ghost speaker here for $89.99 with shipping slated for December 19th. Discover it for yourself by asking, "Do you like ribs?" or "What day is it?" and seeing how Alexa responds.

Burleigh's joins Amazon at a time of strong growth for all aspects of the organisation, with Amazon Web Services (AWS) continuing to expand, Amazon retail inching closer to a launch and now Alexa set to arrive in the coming months.

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