Yankees to interview Carlos Beltran for manager's position

Yankees to interview Carlos Beltran for manager's position

Yankees to interview Carlos Beltran for manager's position

While the recently retired isn't planning a comeback as a player, he could return to the dugout as a manager in a high-profile fashion, as Beltran is being considered for the New York Yankees' open managerial job.

Carlos Beltran's retirement might be short-lived.

During this past season, Beltran told Cashman that he would be retiring at the end of the season and that he would be interested in having a role in the Yankees organization. "I felt like a coach, there's no doubt about it". "I'll leave it at that for right now".

Seattlepi.com reporter Stephen Cohen wrote after he tweeted about his disappointment in the allegations against radio host Garrison Keillor, Boone sent him a direct message on Twitter.

Beltran played for the Yankees from 2014 through 2016 before getting traded to the Texas Rangers and subsequently signing with the Houston Astros. And as someone who is freshly off the field, Beltran sees that perspective as a unique advantage.

"I personally feel that out of those 20 years, I played naked in a lot of them because I didn't have all this information", Beltran said. "There's a lot of ideas I have to encourage guys in the clubhouse and try to make a good environment".

During his last spring training as a Yankee, Beltran requested to locker near Aaron Judge, knowing he could assist in his ascent to the big leagues. Beltran has at least one enthusiastic supporter in his court: former teammate CC Sabathia, who said (via Pete Caldera of the Bergen Record), "His baseball IQ is off the charts". "I think it's going to be fun". Get the app and get the game. "I want to be a proactive manager that interacts with the players and is always bringing something to the table for the players".

Communications and connectivity issues were cited by Cashman as being reasons the club moved on from Girardi.

Late in his career, Beltran began learning more about analytics, receiving the additional information he never got earlier in his playing days.

He just figured his post-playing career might include a longer vacation, and spending more time with his family in their NY home. "But the fact that I got the call to be interviewed - this is something you can not turn away from".

The Yankees are the only team with a managerial vacancy, so there's little competition. however, they could be losing one candidate already.

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