Harvey Weinstein Now Accused of Sex Trafficking

LAPD Opens Weinstein Sexual Assault Probe

LAPD Opens Weinstein Sexual Assault Probe

But that hasn't devalued Noble's lawsuit, which states that Weinstein "recruited and enticed" Kadian Noble with the "promise of a film role, knowing that he would use means of force, fraud or coercion to cause her to engage in a sex act".

The 31-year-old said Weinstein approached her at the Majestic Hotel during the film festival in Cannes, France, inviting her upstairs to his room to watch her audition reel.

When she rebuffed him, he "forcibly" pulled her into the bathroom, where he pulled down her shirt, unbuckled his trousers and masturbated as he rubbed against her and then forced her hand on his penis, the lawsuit states. He then pushed her into the bathroom, blocked her exit, groped her all over her body and forced her to perform sexual acts on him.

A woman has made the first civil claim at the High Court in London against Harvey Weinstein for alleged rape and sexual assault.

As for Kadian herself, her recount of the harrowing experience with Weinstein is extremely similar to the other 50 plus women who have come forward with their tales of horror with the producer.

An actress claims Weinstein tried to "groom" her when he met her in London in 2014 by offering her a film role and mentorship. "Harvey Weinstein ultimately forced Kadian into sexual acts", the 11-page complaint states. An excited Noble, eager to share her show reel with Weinstein, brought her iPad along as the two went upstair.

Harvey Weinstein Ousted From His Production Company
Harvey Weinstein Ousted From His Production Company

Weinstein "blocked her exit" next according to court papers and 'pulled down Kadian's shirt, revealing her breasts, and unbuckled his trousers and belt'.

Actions that could constitute violations of federal sex trafficking statutes, according to the jury seeking filing. Employees even had code words communicating what they expected to occur, the lawsuit states.

"TWC employees knew to "take care" of the FOHs".

Noble's contact with Weinstein "was of tremendous significance to the future of her acting career", since Weinstein was "a gatekeeper of enormous influence in the entertainment industry, and had the power to advance her career exponentially through auditions, readings, introductions and consideration for roles, in addition to roles in [The Weinstein Company] projects", states the complaint.

With allegations by over 80 women being brought up against the disgraced media mogul Harvey Weinstein since The New York Times made a detailed exposé of sexual harassment and misconduct by Weinstein on 5 October, he has been under investigation by multiple agencies including NYPD, LAPD, the Beverley Hills Police, and the United Kingdom police for sexual assault in their respective jurisdiction.

Weinstein then apparently called a TWC producer who told Noble she needed to be "a good girl and do whatever [Weinstein] wished".

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