College Football Playoff projections after Week 13 games

Saban during his team’s loss to Auburn on Saturday. Credit Brynn Anderson  Associated Press

Saban during his team’s loss to Auburn on Saturday. Credit Brynn Anderson Associated Press

Though I did my rankings how I would put the top six teams, I know full well Alabama will either still be in the College Football Playoff's top four or one of the first two teams out.

Saturday's conference championship games, at least three of which will match teams ranked in the CFP top 10, will be pivotal.

We're going to go a step further than predicting who will be in the playoff itself, though, as we take a look below at the best matchup for the January 8 final and the most risky teams coming into Week 14.

However, the more realistic championship opponent for Dabo Swinney and the other SEC West team that resides in Alabama, the one that controls its playoff fate.

For the entire month of November, the eyes of the FSU football fans and the college football world have been focused on a few minutes each Tuesday night when the College Football Playoff committee releases their list of the top 25 teams in the sport - and, more importantly, who would be the top four teams that would make the playoff if it started that week. And if Alabama doesn't make the field, it would mark the first time the event has been held without the Crimson Tide.

The Tide have spent the season as the AP's No. 1-ranked team (not that polls are supposed to matter to the committee), but they've also been the CFP committee's top team in two sets of rankings.

No one wants to play Auburn at the moment.

For starters, Gary Patterson's team will need to produce a convincing win over No. 3 Oklahoma in the Big 12 Championship Game at AT&T Stadium on Saturday.

Clemson (11-1) - I'm not an ACC homer and I also don't think SC was one of the top 25 teams in college football last week.

If the scenario arises that the Buckeyes win the Big Ten, there's an argument for and against Urban Meyer's team.

And their opponent likely would be Alabama, Georgia or Wisconsin, with an outside chance of two-loss Penn State and an even smaller chance of Auburn or Ohio State. Its detractors would use its two losses against it and throw Alabama into the mix as a more deserving team.

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