This Weird-Looking Gadget Is The Fidget Spinner For Smartphone Addiction

The Substitute Phone is the second in a series that Shillinger is working on, all of which relate to our relationships with our electronic devices.

Many of us will have experienced habitual smartphone usage; operating our devices, not in the service of a specific, legitimate need, but simply because it's there.

By replacing the digital functions with the stone beads, Schillinger aims to create a set of "therapeutic tools" that can help frequent smartphone users to cope with the addiction of smartphone.

He refers to his designs as functional prosthetics to help smartphone addicts get cured of "withdrawal symptoms" from using a smartphone.

Do you grab your smartphone and mindlessly start scrolling more often than you'd like?

Speaking to Dezeen, product and furniture designer Klemens Schillinger says that phones are becoming an addictive object in people's lives.

Speaking to Dezeen, Schillinger added that he was inspired not only by the disturbing frequency with which he and others tend to consult their smart devices (and for no particular reason, usually), but also the writer Umberto Eco, who when attempting to stop smoking his pipe, substituted a simple stick.

Schillinger said that he followed the same route and wanted to provide the physical feel of a phone for addicts, without the connectivity of actually being one. Users simply swipe their fingers across the marble-like beads the same way they would on a smartphone screen. He continued: "Some of the movements (like the zoom-in finger movement) were born with the I thought it makes sense to replicate them in an analog way".

Klemens Schillinger wants to help you kick your smartphone addiction. He also designed an Offline Lamp that only turns on when the user places their smartphone inside a drawer that sits at the base of the lamp.

The Substitute Phone isn't for sale yet, but made its debut at the Vienna Design Week earlier this fall.

The negative effects of smartphones and smartphone apps have become a growing concern among many in the tech world.

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