Microsoft Office finally comes to Chromebooks

Microsoft Office now available on Chromebooks

Microsoft Office finally comes to Chromebooks

They were able to confirm that Microsoft Office was able to download on the Play Store for all of the mentioned devices.

The apps' arrival is not too surprising, though, as Microsoft had said past year it would make full Android versions of Microsoft Office apps available to all compatible devices when the Google Play Store for Chromebooks exited beta. Until now, the Office apps for Chromebooks were mainly limited to Google's latest PixelBook device.

"We've not received any grand announcement or explanation., but we've seen all over the place reports of Chromebooks finally getting Microsoft Office apps running", said Chrome Unboxed.

However now, Chrome Unboxed has confirmed it is able to install the Office Suite apps on all the devices it checked. But as Chrome Unboxed notes, opening up access to Microsoft Office could make the low-priced Chromebooks even more appealing to those who still rely on Redmond's Office suite for work or school.

Office apps on Android/Chrome are not as capable as the desktop Windows apps, but they include all the basics plus a good selection of advanced features most people will never touch.

Despite this relentless growth, one thing that has been missing from the Chrome OS ecosystem is the support for Microsoft Office.

This is major news for productivity users who had previously been interested in Chrome OS, but could never buy a Chromebook because of lack of Office support.

With Chromebook proving very popular with schools, the availability of Office is big news.

In addition, users with devices whose screens are 10.1 inches or larger will need an Office 365 subscription to use the Android apps, ZDNet also pointed out. The smaller iPad Pro enjoys free access to the Microsoft Office apps, while the 12.9-inch iPad Pro needs a subscription.

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