Trump criticizes CNN for 'representing United States poorly to the world'

CNN Video Blasts Donald Trump's New Attack On International Journalists

Trump criticizes CNN for 'representing United States poorly to the world'

While Trump didn't tag CNN in the post, though he did tag Fox News (saying they were "MUCH more important"), CNN nevertheless saw the post and drafted a quick response snarkily reminding the President that what he described isn't their job, it's his.

President Trump lamented CNN's global viewership Saturday and suggested that Fox News more accurately covers US current events.

"They (CNN International) represent our Nation to the WORLD very poorly". "Continuing to have an adversarial relationship with that network is a mistake". However, examples of the pro-Trump website's work can still be seen on its Twitter account. As Thomas Jefferson said, it "cannot be limited without being lost".

Since Trump's inauguration, CNN has taken a more hostile tone towards the president and many of his staff. Well with US President's Twitter habits, there is no boring day on the social media. Norm Eisen, a former chief White House ethics lawyer, suggested that the president's words might hurt his Justice Department's legal case against the AT&T merger with CNN's parent company, Time Warner Inc. However, they negatively represent the country in the world.

The media outlet has responded to the USA president's claims and wrote on Twitter that "it is not CNN's job to represent the U.S to the world".

Comey, arguably one of FBI's most controversial directors, has been criticized, particularly by Trump, for leaking information to the press.

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