Trudeau calls on men to help end violence against women

NSCW launches 16 days activism against GBV

NSCW launches 16 days activism against GBV Dr. Temsula Ao releasing the book at the event

Penney Andrews, program manager for Tranquility House, said, "As of November 25, and for the next 16 days, we will incite individuals to take action towards eliminating violence against women".

Next year's ILO Conference in June will discuss the development of worldwide labour standards on violence against women and men at work, and the trade union movement is calling for a strong global convention to be adopted.

"Kariuki spoke when she presided over the launch of a campaign dubbed 'Jitokeze" that also begins 16 days of activism on 16 days Campaign against Gender Based Violence.

With gender equality and violence against women now better integrated into the Sustainable Development Goals than in any prior development framework, we have an unprecedented opportunity to strengthen efforts to address and reduce gender-based violence.

According to the data, 35% of the world's women have experienced physical or sexual violence. The day aims at bringing awareness about the violence against women and highlight the need to report it. Women around the world are subject to domestic violence, rape, physical torture and other forms of violence.

The U.N.'s "Orange the World" campaign will attempt to raise awareness about the violent realities faced by numerous world's women and girls. Women also remain silent because they fear they will not be believed or that they will face retaliation.

If these statistics don't spur you to take action against violence against women, then one can only wonder what will. The crimes include intimate partner violence, sexual violence and harassment, human trafficking, female genital mutilation and child marriage.

Nearly half of the women who were killed in 2012 were killed by either partners or family members, compared to 6% of men.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says men must do more to put an end to gender-based violence against women and girls. The employment rate for women aged 25-64 has increased from about 63 per cent 10 years ago to 72 per cent last year. The 13th Triennial Conference of Pacific Women held in October focused on women's economic empowerment; and sexual harassment has been identified as one factor hindering women's safety and wellbeing in the workplace and preventing women's access to leadership positions.

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