How Google Predicts the Life of Your Battery

How Google Predicts the Life of Your Battery

How Google Predicts the Life of Your Battery

Google has announced that it has rolled out some new changes that are aimed at making battery life estimates more accurate on the company's Pixel phones.

Google also added that the estimates are not correct always. So, if you are a Pixel or Pixel 2 user, in all likelihood your phone already has the feature.

Previously the company simply looked at average battery power consumption in the recent past to predict how much longer a Pixel user's battery would last. "If you've used about 10% per hour over the past few hours, we would guess you will keep using 10% per hour", wrote Michelle.

The Google Pixel smartphones have received positive reviews in many aspects but there is one major problem that many users face.

That way it can personalize predictions based on how an individual uses the phone, factoring frequent and predictable usage spikes such as might be observable if that person likes watching Netflix or YouTube during the daily commute home. An "on-device model" evaluates your battery usage habits day by day to better predict how you'll use your phone and how the battery will be used up.

Battery stats on Pixel and Pixel 2 are now more closely based on exactly how you choose to use your phone.

Lastly, with these newly personalized estimations in place, Google says that it's "interested in exploring new ways of proactively helping you manage your battery to make it through the day".

This is meant to examine every device's battery lifespan and usage over a limited time period.

To get estimates of high and low usage by the new Smart battery feature, users can tap on the big battery icon which will then show typical user patterns for battery usage. The personalised battery estimate will be displayed under the "Battery" section.

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