Miley Cyrus Check Out My Food Baby!!!

Thanksgiving in Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth style

The internet is convinced Miley Cyrus is pregnant

Stoked for a day full of Tofurkey and loved ones! "Ain't it ironic? #VeganTurkeyBaby", she wrote alongside a photo of herself posing with "MILEY" balloons.

But some people clearly took her "imma eat a whole vegan turkey outfit" for signs she was covering a baby bump. That belly can't be from the thought of eating turkey for Thanksgiving! Why does everyone have to assume you're "pregnant" if you were a baggy top where it looks like you've got a tummy.

"Y'all over exaggerate everything", another fan chided.

The singer kicked off her Thanksgiving celebrations early to coincide with her birthday, so she had some traditional holiday foods to enjoy while turning 25. "I swear a celebs only gotta say hey baby to her boyfriend and everyone be like 'she's saying baby to her boyfriend". She was 11 when she first starred in "Hannah Montana". "Happy B-day to me you grumpy f-ks!"

Cyrus recently revealed that much of her new album "Younger Now" was inspired by falling back in love with Hemsworth.

Singer Miley Cyrus is far from her Disney days as she goes topless in x-rated pictures.

It turned out to be the flawless ensemble to match her brand new birthday present: a rainbow-stone custom necklace spelling out the Independence Day: Resurgence actor's nickname for his love: 'LiLi'. "Thank you LiLi [Liam Hemsworth]", she captioned a photo of a multicolored stone necklace spelling out what appears to be the Aussie's adorable nickname. "Rainbow LiLi is soooo frigggggen cute!" she wrote on Instagram.

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