Apple Acquires AR Headset Startup Vrvana for $30 Million

Vrvana Totem

Apple reportedly acquires AR startup Vrvana

We have heard previously that Apple is working on AR glasses so this acquisition adds weight to this rumor. Totem's custom lenses that provide a significantly wider field of view than competitors displays were a hit.

As Apple hasn't confirmed the purchase it obviously hasn't exactly said what parts of Vrvana its interested in. Two sources familiar with the deal said Apple paid around United States dollars 30 million for the company.

Apple is yet to confirm whether or not the deal has taken place but plans for freshly acquired companies isn't something Apple is particularly known for sharing. The acquisition would indicate that Cupertino is gathering assets to make its planned push into the AR market.

In addition, at least some Vrvana employees have now joined Apple in California.

Currently, The Vrvana's website is still active, but it stopped updating social accounts and news in August of this year.

Apple reported to have acquired Vrvana Inc., a Canadian virtual reality company for $30 million, according to a report from TechCrunch.

This is different and slightly better than the methods of Microsoft's HoloLens and Windows' Mixed Reality headsets as it means the Totem is able to overlay completely opaque images and animations over the real world rather than ghost-like projections. The device can also transition from AR to VR seamlessly and has 360-degree positional and hand-tracking capabilities. It's an extended "reality device" that uses key technologies from both the virtual reality and AR in order to allow both the experiences on a single headset device. Hand tracking is one of the technologies that Apple's PrimeSense team in Israel has brought to Apple.

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