Winter session of Parliament to begin next month

Winter session of Parliament to begin next month

Winter session of Parliament to begin next month

Sonia during her address in the Congress Working Committee (CWC) said: "The Modi-government in its arrogance has cast a dark shadow on India' Parliamentary democracy by sabotaging the Winter session of Parliament on flimsy grounds".

"Usually, care is taken not to overlap Parliament session with assembly elections".

While the Constitution does not specify as to how many times Parliament must meet in a year, the gap between two sessions can not be longer than six months. Jaitley said the opposition party had also delayed a session in 2011 and even earlier because the sittings coincided with election campaigns.

"It has happened during the UPA's (United Progressive Alliance, a Congress-led coalition) time too", he said. "It has been done so in the past also.The writing on the wall is loud and clear that the Congress will lose both Himachal Pradesh and Gujarat assembly polls and now out of frustration, it is making such wild accusations", said Mr Kumar adding that the Congress speaking about democracy considering its past history is paradoxical.

"Former Prime Ministers Rajiv Gandhi and Manmohan Singh can use defence planes for five years and 10 years respectively but they have problems that why Narendra Modi is using defence planes and helicopters for election purposes". "We would like to know how much time Rahul Gandhi spends in Parliament", Prasad told reporters at a press conference at the BJP headquarters.

The winter session of Parliament traditionally convenes from the third week of November and lasts till the third week of December.

"I'm surprised with the dedication that the Congress is showing towards Parliament".

He said the government is trying to evade and avoid accountability in Parliament "on its acts of ommission and commission".

"The Congress ran away from meaningful debate be it demonetisation or GST".

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