Woman with anti-Trump sticker adds new sheriff to truck display

Courtesy KTRK

Courtesy KTRK

Fonseca's lawyer alleges Fort Bend Sheriff Troy Nehls targeted Fonseca for political gain in an upcoming congressional race.

Nehls is expected to release a statement regarding the press conference and the post on Monday, the Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office said.

Karen Fonseca is making no apologies for her anti-Trump expletives and now Sheriff Troy Nehls has gotten the same treatment.

"However, I don't ever recall seeing any complaints of disorderly conduct from Sheriff Nehls personal Facebook page about those individuals", he said. "I think now it would be a good time to have meaningful dialogue with that person and express the concerns out there regarding the language on the truck", Nehls told reporters.

Later, Fonseca was arrested on what deputies said was an outstanding warrant charging her with fraud.

The post showed a picture of a decal on the back of a truck that read "F**k Trump and F**k you for voting for him".

Left unanswered: The question of what led to Fonseca being arrested on an unrelated charge by Fort Bend sheriff's deputies last week.

Fort Bend County Sheriff Troy Nehls threatened to charge a driver with disorderly conduct November 15 because of a profanity-laced anti-Trump sticker. "Next to the Trump decal a message now reads, F*ck Troy Nehls and f*ck you for voting for him".

Just a day after the post was made Thursday, Nehls had deleted the post.

She placed the slightly smaller decal to the right of the anti-Trump sticker. "I feel it was gone about the wrong way and the sticker is appropriate", Fonseca said.

Fonseca said the message has been on the rear window of her pickup for almost a year and it would remain there for the time-being.

On Monday, Fonseca said the rear-window decal has frequently caught the attention of police officers who have pulled her over. "We should stand together and always stand behind what [we] believe", Fronseca said.

Nehls asked for the owner of the truck to meet with him, saying that charges may be pressed. Fonseca also spoke with her children behind her.

At a news conference after his Facebook post appealing for information about the owner of the truck, Nehls said he supported freedom of speech but anxious that profane messages could incite others and lead to confrontations that would disturb the peace he had pledged to keep.

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