London buses to be fuelled by waste coffee grounds

London buses to be fuelled by waste coffee grounds

London buses to be fuelled by waste coffee grounds

The fuel, known as B20 biofuel, provides a cleaner, more sustainable energy solution for buses across London's network by decreasing emissions.

To combat this, bio-bean has started working with high-street chains and factories in an effort to collect their waste coffee grounds and start putting it to better use. The company then worked with its fuel partner Argent Energy to process this oil into a blended biofuel.

The 6,000 litres of coffee oil produced in this project is enough to help power one bus for a year. Once processed, the fuel source can be used on London buses without needing to modify the engine.

The fuel provides a cleaner, sustainable energy solution which will lower bus emissions in the United Kingdom capitol. But thanks to a new project in London has its way, coffee won't just coax you out of bed, but also power the public transportation that takes you to the office as well.

"Spent coffee grounds are highly calorific and contain valuable compounds, making them an ideal feedstock from which to produce clean fuels", the company says on its website.

According to Bio-bean, Londoners create 200,000 tonnes of waste from coffee every year.

Sinead Lynch, Shell's United Kingdom country chair, said: "We're pleased to be able to support bio-bean to trial this innovative new energy solution which can help to power buses, keeping Londoners moving around the city - powered in part by their waste coffee grounds".

Bio-bean has been using coffee to deliver energy for a short while now, giving households the ability to burn coffee instead of wood for their fires.

Shell UK country chair Sinead Lynch explains the inspiration for the company's campaign.

Currently, Bio-Bean has enough on hand (six thousand litres) to power one bus for a year, but access to raw material shouldn't be an issue once things get up and running. "The company has since gone on to produce bio-mass pellets and briquettes called Coffee Logs, before this latest biofuel innovation".

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