Gigi Hadid drops Victoria's Secret show after Chinese race row

Gigi Hadid drops Victoria's Secret show after Chinese race row

Gigi Hadid drops Victoria's Secret show after Chinese race row

He claimed the show would be the "biggest fashion event in history" and VS most ambitious by far, with 55 models representing 17 countries, and four world class entertainers.

Victoria's Secret legend Alessandra Ambrosio might be retiring from the annual VS Fashion Show, according to fan accounts on social media. During the same performance, Perry went on to wave a Tawainese flag.

Perry's rep did not comment when reached by Page Six.

The dress caused widespread outrage because the sunflower had been adopted by a Taiwanese protest group called The Sunflower Student Movement.

Although Taiwan is part of the Republic of China, the island country has a separate internal government from the People's Republic of China, where the fashion show will be held.

This controversy isn't the first to impact the fashion show.

. Katy Perry, who was slated to sing at the show, won't be able to make it to Shanghai, either.

Harry Styles will perform at the Victoria's Secret fashion show in China tomorrow (November 20), it has been announced.

That's how the cookie crumbles: Gigi meanwhile was reportedly because of a "racist" video she posted back in February of her pulling a face in a lighthearted imitation of a Buddha cookie.

Hadid didn't share an explicit reason for the abrupt change in plans - and Victoria's Secret is not talking - but the announcement spurned speculation that The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills daughter had run into problems acquiring a visa, too.

But Hadid isn't the only model facing setbacks.

The show has previously been filmed in New York City, Cannes, Paris, London, Miami, and Los Angeles.

Speculation has also swirled over the participation of Russia's Julia Belyakova, Kate Grigorieva and Irina Sharipova, and Ukraine's Dasha Khlystun, after unconfirmed reports suggested they were denied Chinese visas.

It seems like the show was doomed from the start.


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It's also notoriously hard to get a visa to travel to China.

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