16 children find 'forever families' in Snohomish County after official adoption

"Ohana was the theme of Montgomery County's National Adoption Day celebration November 17th 2017

Superior Court Judge Andrew Toynbee presided over the adoption of 12 children Friday afternoon, many adopted by longtime foster families, in honor of National Adoption Day. According to an annual report issued by the New York District Courts to the State Legislature, more than 90 percent of prospective adoptive parents approved by authorized agencies are already caring for children as foster parent.

They wanted to expand their family with a second child, Miciotta said, but the process was less straightforward than it had been with Leo. "We couldn't imagine them not in our lives", said Soto, smiling and wiping a tear from her eye just moments before the official adoption ceremony in a third-floor courtroom in the Fenton Judicial Center.

Several local stores and restaurants sponsor the event. "We are always in need of permanent homes for some of our children in foster care and we're always in need of foster parents".

Parents today say the reward of seeing a child's face light up far outweighs any risk. "I mean, you can't help but love her, whenever you see and you spend time with her, you just fall in love with her".

"Everybody deserves to know that somebody loves them".

She said studies have shown that children who age out of foster care at 18-years-old without a permanent family are less likely to graduate high school and are more likely to struggle with homelessness and substance abuse. With our partners in the private sector, we work hard to find the right fit, the right family to foster and sometimes adopt our children.

They are about to learn they will never be separated after the hardships they have been through.

"I feel like crying", she said. On behalf of all previous, current and future adoptive children, I thank you. "We always talked about having some and adopting some whenever we were dating and after we got married, we weren't able to have kids so then we've just got into foster care and adopted through foster care".

Adoption isn't for every family, and that is OK. For more information, or to be placed in touch with foster/adoptive parents, call DHR at 256-737-5300 and ask to speak to someone in the resource or licensing units.

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