Trump offers condolences on Twitter about wrong mass shooting

Sutherland Springs

ReutersSmall crosses were erected in Sutherland Springs to commemorate each of the 26 people including an unborn baby who died in the attack

President Donald Trump offered condolences to the wrong mass shooting after four were killed in northern California on Tuesday.

But the President tweeted: 'May God be with the people of Sutherland Springs, Texas.

Instead of sending a message to those who died in Rancho Tehama Reserve, California, he appeared to have copied and pasted a message meant for the 25 victims of the Sutherland Springs, Texas, attack, which happened on November 5. "The FBI and Law Enforcement has arrived", Trump wrote late Tuesday at the end of his 12-day tour of Asia.

If this is not a sign of how much work needs to be done in this country, especially around mass shootings, I don't know what is.

As of Wednesday morning at around 7:50 a.m. EDT, Tuesday's tweet still remains online, but people online are already drawing their own conclusions and needless to say the back lash was swift and biting, with many expressing their outrage.

It's possible that a draft tweet could have been inadvertently sent out, given the similarities between the November 5 tweet and the one sent on Tuesday night.

Twitter users accused Trump of copying and pasting his condolences and forgetting to change the location of the attack.

Bottom line: Offering thoughts and prayers after yet another mass shooting is the very least one can do in such a situation, but even with such a low bar, President Trump manages to fail. It was deleted around eight hours later according to a report from Huffington Post.

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