LeBron James Irks NYC Subway Passenger During Cavs' Ride In Big Apple

Erik Drost vis Flickr

Erik Drost vis Flickr

In a video posted on the Uninterrupted Twitter page, LeBron is shown taking a video on the subway while sitting next to Kyle Korver.

The Cavs had their shootaround and practice today at Madison Square Garden (where LeBron James also clarified his recent comments about Dennis Smith Jr. and the New York Knicks).

LeBron James was the king of the subway Monday. And so you shuffle your way through to an open hand rail or clear seat, making as little eye contact as possible with your fellow riders and immediately tuning out any annoying noises. Fans can be heard saying hello to former Knick J.R. Smith as the team makes their way to the platform.

"KP gon get y'all tonight bruh", the fan says.

Thanks to that famous NY traffic, it was going to take almost an hour to get back to the hotel after shoot-around, so LeBron and Co. chose to take a six-minute train ride instead. "Forty-five minute bus ride or six-minute train ride". "As long as I'm getting on the right (expletive) train that's all I care about", he said.

You're bound to see plenty of interesting things when you spend a lot of time on the New York City subway system. The same, apparently, applied to the Cleveland Cavaliers on Monday morning.

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