Authorities Respond to Stabbing at Mall of America

Mall of America stabbing

Mall of America stabbing

When the victim returned to the dressing room, he confronted the suspect, and was stabbed. They don't believe the suspect knew the victims and Potts said he didn't know yet where the victims were from.

Authorities say the Macy's store was put on lockdown during the incident, but the rest of the 520-store mall remained open and was not placed on lockdown.

"This evening during an interrupted theft inside Macy's Mall of America, two people were stabbed and sustained non-life threatening injuries".

Abdirahaman sneaked into a men's fitting room at the Minnesota mall and tried to swipe something from a customer's belongings while the man was outside the fitting room modeling clothes for his family. The family members were able to disarm the suspect. The suspect also was wounded.

Maddie Schwieters tells KARE-TV she was in line to see Santa when she ran toward the commotion nearby and saw two people on the floor.

Those are the only details we have right now, but in the meantime, the Twitter Bigot Brigadeā„¢ is here to fill in the blanks with baseless accusations about the stabbing...

Abdirahaman reportedly began stabbing the person when he or she noticed the theft and confronted the suspect.

This is a developing story.

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