GMA reveal: April the giraffe may be pregnant AGAIN

GMA reveal: April the giraffe may be pregnant AGAIN

GMA reveal: April the giraffe may be pregnant AGAIN

That's the big question Thursday after the owner of Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville, N.Y., said he can not "confirm nor deny" that the social media star is expecting again. He finally emerged on April 15, weeks after Animal Adventure Park first began broadcasting from April's stall, promising viewers she was close to giving birth.

April was pregnant with Tajiri for 16 months, so even if she is pregnant, we have a long time to wait.

April's activities went viral in spring of 2017 when her pregnancy was streamed by the Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville, New York, where April is kept as a major attraction.

He also suggested that the park in upstate NY could be ready for another "giraffe cam". "Oliver and April are sharing space, nature can take its course and should it call on us, we'll be ready", said Patch.

Donnelly said the same thing: "All I can add is, stay tuned!"

Initially, YouTube removed April's feed, but it was restored again in March leading people to tune in daily for a chance to see her give birth, which was originally expected to happen in March. The Adventure Park Zoo created an online portal specifically for shoppers to purchase April the Giraffe merchandise and a GoFundMe campaign was launched in April's honor to improve the Giraffe Encounter Deck.

The calf's name comes from Swahili and it means hope, according to Jordan Patch, who revealed his name on "GMA" in May.

Tajiri, April's fourth child, now weighs 450 pounds and, at nearly 10 feet tall, he is almost as big as his mother.

The park also employed a $5 charge to receive giraffe birth news text alerts and charged fans $1 to vote for a baby name.

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