Putin: Doping allegations 'US plot against Russian election'

Putin: Doping allegations 'US plot against Russian election'

Putin: Doping allegations 'US plot against Russian election'

Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin are poised for their second official meeting as part of the president's tour of Asia.

She stressed that support sanctions against the entourage of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Russian Federation has vehemently denied allegations of interfering in the United States election a year ago that brought Trump to power.

The Russian president suggested the timing of the Russian election, in March 2018, meant that a doping scandal coinciding with the run-up to next February's Winter Olympics in South Korea could be used to sow disaffection among sportspeople. In all, six Russian skiers have been found guilty by an International Olympics Committee commission.

An explosive 2016 report commissioned by the World Anti-Doping Agency alleged state-sponsored doping in Russian Federation from 2011 to 2015.

"It is a large body of ties and dependencies", he said.

Trump's election inspired hopes here of improved relations with Washington, but that optimism has vanished amid the USA inquiries into the Kremlin's interference in the 2016 campaign. It could take place either tomorrow or on Saturday. "Russia never had and, I hope, will never have a system of state doping of which we are being accused", Putin said on Thursday.

The officials say the agreement aims to strengthen the "deconfliction" system keeping the USA and Russian militaries from colliding in Syria.

Putin has not yet revealed whether he will run for the March election but as the clear favourite is widely expected to try to extend his Kremlin term for another six years.

Both Trump and Putin will be in attendance representing their respective nations, but it is unknown if they will have a formal one-to-one discussion. "If the Americans want to steal the elections, true Russians should organize and go to vote for Putin - this seems to be the hidden message of the accusations".

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