Hulu Launches on Nintendo Switch Game System

The Nintendo Switch games list is getting a big boost

NINTENDOThe Nintendo Switch games list is getting a big boost

As such, it's not now known whether this version of the app will feature Hulu TV support or a custom interface designed for the Nintendo Switch. In the first eight months of the console-handheld hybrid being out we have gotten some awesome Nintendo games, fun indie games, and now streaming services for when you're not in a gaming mood.

When the Nintendo Switch was first released, many questioned why the console wasn't accompanied by some sort of media streaming app, due to its portable nature. Now that some time has passed since the system's launch and Nintendo has proven software can sell on Switch, the addition of some strong apps could also push it as a viable alternative to tablets, as well!

Today, Hulu announced in a blog post that it is bringing its services to the Nintendo Switch starting today.

However, the arrival of Hulu could open the floodgates for other streaming services to seek their place at the table. "You'll be able to enjoy both our traditional on-demand subscription as well as our Hulu with Live TV plan and watch live and on-demand programming from more than 50 of the top news, sports and entertainment channels". While I was plenty happy to have the hybrid console be a dedicated gaming machine, more than a few people were a little upset that they couldn't stream Netflix or Hulu to the device.

The best part about all of this is that it's available to download right now, completely free of charge, from the Nintendo Switch's eShop. Instead, they preferred to focus on the console's video game offerings.

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