Thousands of Nicaraguans in the US Just Got Bad News

Thousands of Nicaraguans in the US Just Got Bad News

Thousands of Nicaraguans in the US Just Got Bad News

Those countries are among nine that Reuters reports TPS now covers; the other five are Nepal, Somalia, South Sudan, Syria, and Yemen.

Immigration officials regularly decide whether to renew the programme every six to 18 months for each country. Nicaraguans' and Hondurans' work authorization cards were set to expire on January 5, 2018.

Since the 1990s, the DHS has granted TPS designation to individuals from 10 countries fleeing violence, natural disasters, or conditions that prevent them from being able to go back to their home countries.

A lot of them arrived illegally but were allowed to remain under Temporary Protected Status (TPS), which applies to migrants from several countries around the world. She said that there is a lot uncertainty, especially for those with little options to adjust their status and get permanent residency.

Ms Duke said she recognised "the difficulty facing citizens of Nicaragua - and potentially citizens of other countries - who have received TPS designation for close to two decades" and called on the US Congress "to enact a permanent solution for this inherently temporary programme".

TPS was established by Congress through the Immigration Act of 1990.

Belinda Osorio, a Honduran-American who lives and works in Florida and has been in the USA for decades through TPS, told reporters at a conference call on Tuesday that she would not put her 14-year-old son in danger by going back to Honduras, regardless of the administration's eventual decision. Secretary Tillerson has made clear his department's assessment of conditions in Central America and Haiti. Already, 50,000 Haitian TPS recipients, who expect administrative decisions by Thanksgiving, are preparing for the worst.

Countries like Honduras and El Salvador have previously asked the Trump administration to extend the special protected status to its citizens.

"Every 16 hours there is a woman killed in Honduras", said Oscar Chacón from the Alianza Américas, stating the country remains one of the most unsafe places in the world. "They have children here, and mortgages here", she said.

"I have never been so uneasy as I am now", Flores told Al Jazeera.

Many advocates and lawmakers criticized the decision ahead of an official White House announcement. "These are people who are working, who are paying their taxes, and we hope that when the time comes when they follow this process in the USA, that we will have the opportunity to have a renewal of the Temporary Protection Status or some way to have our countrymen continue to live in this country". "This is yet another attempt by the Trump administration to dehumanize immigrants and communities of color, particularly when they are in their greatest need".

The program has been renewed several times for all benefiting countries until U.S. President Donald Trump began reviewing the policy.

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