Mueller has enough to bring charges in Flynn investigation

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FBI investigators are reported to have arranged interviews with multiple witnesses in the coming days with the aim of gathering further evidence against Mr Flynn. The charges, however, appear to be unrelated to Russian collusion with Trump or his campaign.

Special counsel Robert Mueller has "enough evidence" to charge Gen. Michael Flynn and his son in his investigation into Trump-Russia, a new report says. Flynn, who was sacked after just 24 days on the job for lying about his communications with the Russian ambassador, has always been a person of interest to the Justice Department for his undisclosed lobbying ties and work as a foreign agent, which allegedly continued while he was on Donald Trump's transition team.

Former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort, adviser Rick Gates were charged on Monday.

According to NBC News, sources say investigators will be speaking to witnesses soon to get information about Flynn's lobbying work and whether or not he laundered money or lied to federal agents about overseas contacts.

They are also investigating whether he attempted to orchestrate the extradition of Fethullah Gulen from the United States to Turkey in exchange for millions of dollars.

Mr Gullen is a rival of Recep Erdogan, the Turkish President. Alptekin is also the head of Inovo, a consulting firm.

Also part of Mueller's line of inquiry is the $530,000 Flynn received for consulting work on behalf of Turkey in the fall of 2016.

If he is charged, Mr Flynn would be the fourth person to face prosecution as part of Mr Mueller's investigation.

Flynn raised eyebrows when he wrote an op-ed for The Hill, published on November 8, alleging Gulen helmed a "vast global network" that had "all the right markings to fit the description of a risky sleeper terror network". The Justice Department believed Flynn was thus vulnerable to blackmail as a result. Flynn later retroactively registered as a foreign lobbyist this year.

The fact Special Counsel Robert Mueller has enough evidence to charge Mike Flynn strengthens the obstruction of justice case against Donald Trump. Flynn's son traveled with his father during the campaign and transition.

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