Change your clocks, change your batteries

Change your clocks, change your batteries

Change your clocks, change your batteries

Before you enjoy that extra hour of sleep, Fire Marshal Paul Merriman suggests it also is a good time to switch batteries in smoke alarms.

The change means mornings will be bright an hour earlier and darkness will set in earlier in the evening.

When you change the battery, make sure to wipe or vacuum the alarm to remove dust.

By now, you have hopefully already turned your clocks back an hour.

As per tradition, Quebec's fire safety services are encouraging everyone to check their smoke detectors and replace batteries as necessary.

According to Covey, having an updated smoke alarm can be the difference in saving someone's life if there's a fire.

Pvt. Rahe says it's also important to have smoke alarms in every room, especially bedrooms. For more information on a smoke alarm, CO detector or battery, please call Rowlett Fire Administration at 972-412-6230.

IL law requires every household to have smoke alarms within 15 feet of every bedroom and at least one alarm on each floor of the home.

Never take smoke alarm batteries out to put into other items like games or remote controls. Removable batteries should be replaced, and sealed-in batteries should be checked to confirm they are functioning. Replace the entire alarm if it's more than 10 years old or doesn't work properly when tested.

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