Razer designs smartphone for gamers

Razer designs smartphone for gamers

Razer designs smartphone for gamers

Pre-orders are now available for the Razer Phone, which costs $700 / €750 / £700. That's a lot cheaper when compared to the likes of Apple iPhone X, Google Pixel 2 XL, and Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

The smartphone dubbed Razer Phone is listed by 3G.co.uk, an affiliate of Three United Kingdom, which says "This product is now out of stock". The highlight of the phone is its 120Hz display and presently it is the only smartphone with that technology.

No doubt the phone is equipped with some extra ordinary specification however some analysts have said that it do not have all the gaming specifications which they mentioned before. Audio quality is certainly an important factor when you consider a gaming-focused phone. The top and bottom rock front-facing Dolby ATMOS speakers with dual amplifiers, which means you will get a loud, crisp sound experience to go with the Quad HD display. To get the best possible audio experience, each speakers comes with its own dedicated amp.

But depending on how you hold phone your thumbs are still likely to cover those lovely speakers. But can the Razer Phone compete in actual handling and physical use? Instead it uses a 5.7-inch 1440p LCD display.

The Razer Phone will be the first smartphone with a 120 Hz refresh rate display, meaning it can effectively produce 120 frames-per-second; for reference, most phone screens are 60 Hz displays. Razer has assured that the high refresh rate will have no impact on the battery life.

The Razer Phone has 64GB of built-in storage and supports expandable storage up to 2TB via a microSD card. That's not very surprising, as the Razer Phone is actually designed and developed by the Nextbit team.

I only had limited time to play with the device, but I did pop open the frame counter built into Android Nougat 7.1.1 (Oreo is expected on the phone in the Spring of 2018), and hopped into a game of Riptide.

Similar to the company's high-end laptops, the phone is made out of CNC aluminum. 1,337 special edition units will be available, which feature the green Razer logo.

"Right now there's one phone design", Tom Moss Senior Vice President of Mobile at Razer told Gizmodo. It shouldn't come as a big surprise, since Razer acquired the start-up earlier this year.

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