New Overwatch Hero Moira Announced At BlizzCon 2017

New Overwatch Hero Moira Announced At BlizzCon 2017

New Overwatch Hero Moira Announced At BlizzCon 2017

Moira's main attack is a long-range beam that drains enemies' health, giving her energy that she can use to heal her allies with a kinda gross (but still very helpful looking) biotic spray.

A new Support class character, Moira will be coming soon to Overwatch, alongside the new Blizzard World hybrid map, which sees you defending the payload across Azeroth, Tristram, the Koprulu Sector, "and beyond!" The new hero, called Moira, is the 26th playable character to be added to the game. "Once she's charged Coalescence, Moira can save multiple allies from elimination at once or finish off weakened enemies".

Blizard also showed off a new story cinematic. Much like Reaper, however, she also has her Fade ability, which allows her to teleport across a short distance. She can send out bouncing "Biotic Orbs" with her choice of a localized healing or destructive effect.

For anyone interested in her background, her full name is Moira O'Deorain, Age: 4 and her occupation is as a Geneticist.

"Over a decade ago, O'Deorain made waves when she published a controversial paper detailing a methodology for creating custom genetic programs that could alter DNA at a cellular level". A trailer was also presented, showing off her abilities and playstyle. But once free from Overwatch's rule and the world's law, she was able to speed up her research and make what she calls great scientific bounds.

"She received a lifeline in an offer from an unlikely source: Overwatch's covert ops division, Blackwatch". Eventually however, her legion with them was unveiled, but high-ranking Overwatch officials lied and said they had no knowledge of her ever being a part of their organisation.

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