Apple's sales rally may be 'short-lived'

Huawei grew shipments by 23%, shipping over 22 million units to take the lead, while Oppo declined slightly (compared to the stellar performance a year ago) shipping 21 million units.

However, Canalys is skeptical that its forecast of nearly 40 percent growth in iPhone units in China is sustainable.

According to estimates from Canalys, Apple's smartphone shipments to China increased to 11 million units from 8 million a year earlier, due to lower prices on older iPhones. Further, Canalys noted that the iPhone 8 buyers must be thanked for the turnaround as the phone contributed more to the sales compared to what the iPhone 7 did at the same point previous year.

According to UK-based research and analysis firm Canalys, the "Middle Kingdom" was responsible for 119 million unit shipments during Q3 2017, a 5 percent lower score than the year before, but still nearly three times as much as India's latest quarterly tally. However, Canalys warned that "despite launching three new devices this year, Apple's success in China could be short-lived". "The high sales cater to pent-up demand of iPhone upgraders", said Jia Mo, Canalys' research analyst.

Excitement for the launch of the iPhone X is building in China.

Apple is finally back to growth in China. Apple's offers by and by expanded as of late to over 3%, which influences the market to top of the organization $842 billion. Mr. Jia stated that even though the device would launch this week, the pricing structure and supply issues will restrain growth. However, the high price and short supply for its flagship iPhone X model isn't expected to help the company much locally in Q4.

Canalys also expects Xiaomi break the dominance of Huawei, Oppo and Vivo in Q4, on the account of its aggressive offline expansion in the country.

Apple's AAPL executive team has continued to say that China is critical to the company's future.

Apple will report its fiscal fourth quarter earnings, which include China sales data, on Thursday.

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