Man dressed as Santa opens fire at Halloween party, three people shot

Four Shot by Man Dressed as Santa at Austin Halloween Party

Man dressed as Santa Claus shoots people at Halloween party in Texas

A man dressed as Santa Claus allegedly opened fire at a Texas Halloween party on Sunday morning, injuring four people.

Paramedics said a man and a woman were critically injured, the Austin American-Statesman reported.

The gunman was at the party and knew the victims, Knouse said.

The condition of two victims is estimated as critical.

Police have a suspect in custody, according to the newspaper. Police arrested the suspect at a second, separate location where no violence was reported Knouse said. He referenced a fourth victim who declined to be taken to a hospital, but he didn't say how that victim was wounded. A female victim suffered life-threatening injuries, a male victim suffered potentially life-threatening injuries and another female suffered serious injuries, according to officials.

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