Russian Federation successfully tests nuclear-capable missiles

Before his inauguration Donald Trump asked a security expert three times during a briefing why the US couldn't use nuclear weapons after he becomes president

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On the occasion of the launch, three ballistic missiles were set off from submarines as part of the training to test the country's nuclear arsenal. Still, the Russian President's direct involvement in overseeing intercontinental ballistic missile launches is an event that has been rarely reported by the Kremlin in the past, the report added.

The rocket was sacked from the Plestek Cosmodrome spaceport, roughly 500 miles north of Moscow, ministry officials said.

The ground-fired missile struck a practice range on the Kamchatka Peninsula, in far eastern Russian Federation, after traveling almost the length of the entire country.

The Kremlin says President Vladimir Putin has taken part in major military drills and personally launched four ballistic missiles as part of the exercises.

"The exercise practiced interaction of the Strategic Missile Force, nuclear-powered submarines of the Northern and Pacific Fleets and long-range aviation of Russia's Aerospace Force", the spokesman said. "All objectives of the training have been successfully completed".

Last month, Russian Federation test-fired two intercontinental ballistic missiles amid tensions on the Korean Peninsula.

In early September, Russia carried out joint military exercises with Belarus on NATO's eastern flank, causing concern in Poland and the Baltic states due to the size of the drills and doubts over Moscow's intentions.

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