Potential Tropical Cyclone 18 heads toward Florida

Tropical Disturbance That May Become Philippe

Tropical Disturbance That May Become Philippe

After that, environmental conditions are "expected to be conducive for the system to become more organized" on Friday and Saturday as it moves north over the Caribbean Sea.

The National Hurricane Center is giving it a 60 percent probability of becoming at least a tropical depression by Sunday morning.

Forecasters predict the system will move northeast towards Florida, bringing rain and wind.

Tropical storm warnings have been issued for Western Cuba and the northwestern Bahamas.

The next name on the list of 2017 Atlantic Storm Names is 'Philippe'. Referenced by forecast models as Invest 93L, the disturbance has a medium chance of developing into a tropical cyclone by Saturday.

Residents of the Cayman Islands, central and western Cuba and Jamaica are advised to expect locally heavy rainfall.

Bahamas: 4 to 8 inches with maximum totals of 10 inches.

The storm will begin to pick up forward speed and pass near or over South Florida on Saturday and Saturday night.

Rain and showers associated with a northern cold front are just the beginning of wet weather rolling over the Cayman Islands this weekend.

October and November storms are not unheard of.

According to weather.com, most late season hurricanes form in the Gulf or in the Caribbean because the water hasn't cooled down significantly, and the wind shear is weaker.

The Atlantic hurricane season is slowing down, but it's not over yet.

A broad area low pressure over southwest Caribbean, near the coast of Nicaragua and Honduras, will lift toward Florida by the weekend.

Much of this rain may fall during a few hours, which will bring the potential for street and low-lying area flooding.

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