Singapore Passport World's Most Powerful, India Improves Its Ranking

This is the first time an Asian country has the most powerful

This is the first time an Asian country has the most powerful

In comparison, Hong Kong passport-holders can enter 142 countries/territories without a visa (ranking 45th) and Taiwan passport-holders can enter 120 (ranking 67th).

Just a day after Singaporean passports were declared to be the most powerful in the world, the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) announced that our mighty red booklets will be getting an aesthetic and security upgrade.

According to Passport Index developed by global financial advisory firm Arton Capital, the Indian passport is positioned at 75 - much poorer than African countries like Zimbabwe (65), Uganda (66), Madagascar (74), Rwanda (72) and war-ravaged Sierra Leone (67).

The Passport Index' Global Passport Power Rank 2017 ranks India, according to its passport's total visa-free score, below countries like Mali, Madagascar, Gabon, and Comoros, which all had a visa-free score of 52.

According to its 2017 list, the most desirable passports come from Sweden, followed by Belgium.

"It is a testament of Singapore's inclusive diplomatic relations and effective foreign policy".

The worst country on the report is Afghanistan which citizens can only visit 22 countries visa-free.

Canada is not only the number one country in the world for quality of life, our handsome nation is also home to one of the most powerful passports in the world.

The rankings from the worldwide finance firm Arton Capital had US passports tied for sixth place - along with Ireland, Canada, and Malaysia - for global mobility. And if you carry a blue passport, guess what?

Singapore has been placed top on the list of world's most powerful passport. But U.S. passport holders traveling to those three nations are required to have visas.

When it comes to welcoming others into our country, Canada ranks 79th, requiring visas from all but 51 other nations when opening our borders.

That's where companies like Arton Capital come in, helping high net-worth individuals enlist in citizenship by investment programs (CIPs), where investing in a country's economy can grant easy access to more powerful passports. Spain and Italy tied for third, with Ireland rounding out the top five.

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