Microsoft Ceases Production On The Kinect

With the release of the Xbox One, Microsoft made a decision to couple the device with the console. Microsoft has announced that it would be ceasing production of the device.

When Microsoft launched the Xbox One, it also launched an updated version of the Kinect alongside it and to make sure this time the developers made content for it, it was bundled along with every Xbox One console. Intrigued by the advertising campaign, the people began to dismantle the new, and, according to the Corporation, in those seven years has sold 35 million devices.

Pour one out for the Kinect! Again, nothing fancy, as the plain black controller represents a similar design to the one that originally came with the Xbox One when it launched back in 2013. If you pre-order at your local Microsoft Store in North America, you can pick up your Xbox One X right at 9:00 p.m. PT/midnight ET on November 6, from the store where you pre-ordered. However, the Kinect is now in the shadows of the rapid development of virtual reality, which not only allows gamers to use motion controls and voice commands, but also immerses them in environments away from their living rooms. The Kinect also proved it is possible to have an low-cost depth camera. The units pricing and failing to live up to expectations forced Microsoft to kill the bundles. If you are a fan of the Kinect, you can at least be happy that it's legacy lives on in these devices.

If you're anxious you can no longer use Kinect, fear not.

In an exclusive interview with Co.Design, two of Microsoft's executives revealed that production on the Xbox One's Kinect was no longer active.

This means that the current Kinect units in retailers are the last ones, and once they are all purchased, they will never be restocked.

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