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There may be only a few hundred Tesla Model 3s on the street, but Consumer Reports already has an opinion on the new car's dependability.

Tesla Motors Inc.'s (TSLA) new mass-market Model 3 Sedan will likely earn an average reliability score from Consumer Reports, the magazine said Thursday. The electric vehicle maker noted that Consumer Reports has not yet driven a Model 3, and did not know anything substantial about how the sedan was designed and engineered.

Earlier this week, Joseph Torbati of OCDetailing took a customer's Model 3 for a spin (with permission, of course) and provided us with an in-depth take on what the Model 3 driving experience is like. Still, the rating prediction note ended with the caveat that the Model 3 would be thoroughly tested and reviewed for rating purposes, once Consumer Reports is actually able to purchase one (the organization buys the vehicles it reviews to remain impartial). A spokesperson for the automaker was dismissive of the Consumer Reports rating when we reached out for comment.

"After digging into the data reported by more than 1,500 Tesla Model S owners, we expect the Model 3 should have average reliability".

Consumer Reports' prediction about the Model 3 comes as Tesla wrestles with production issues while trying to ramp up deliveries. Tesla CEO Elon Musk blamed production bottlenecks for the slow pace of deliveries. Still, Torbati encountered some usability issues with the car's cruise control along with some issues regarding the dashboard UI and other features.

"It should be the least complicated vehicle that Tesla really has ever produced", he said.

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