Bulls' Portis publicly apologizes to teammate he punched

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Understandably though, being together for long periods of time like that all year leads to some disagreements between teammates with differing personalities, and in the National Basketball Association things are no different, proven by the fight between Chicago Bulls teammates Bobby Portis and Nikola Mirotic. Mirotic is expected to miss four to six weeks with a concussion and two facial fractures, according to www.hoopsrumors.com. Paxson acknowledged fault on both sides while calling the incident "inexcusable".

Portis, who has declined to speak to the media for now, practiced Friday for the first time since Tuesday's incident. It certainly was not what the rebuilding Bulls wanted heading into the season opener at Toronto today.

Portis, a first-round pick in 2015, said he's tried to contact his teammate, but has received no response.

"I'm wrong for what I did", Portis said.

"I texted Niko. I called him".

The 22-year-old Portis, who played his college ball at Arkansas, said the fight had nothing to do with Mirotic winning the starting job and that he was "just competing".

As far as Mirotic possibly taking any legal action against Portis, the big man said he wasn't concerned with that happening "at this point". "I'm pretty sure we can. We just have to fix the relationship".

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