Latest Xbox One update lets you set privacy on your Activity Feed

Read More145Minecraft Story Mode Episode 8 available now

Read More145Minecraft Story Mode Episode 8 available now

The latest update, the Xbox One Fall Update, had been available in beta for some time. This update is the most important in the history of this game ever developed as per its makers. Blocks can be assigned to specific games, store pages, friends and more, giving you a bunch of information at a glance. Completing one gameplay and then continuing the next adventure on your mobile is truly a great addition to it.

Along with that, you are also blessed with in-game goodies such as new banners, stained glass, fireworks, armor stands, recipe books and host options as well. A new light theme also prevents screen ghosting and notifies players when the Xbox is idle.

If you wanted some honest explanation for the absence at large of Japanese releases on Xbox One, the CEO of NIS America is ready to give you one. Perhaps you're better off updating it on your Android or iOS.

With the new update, console owners can now customize their own unique home screen. They can also find some Game invites in the Multiplayer tab of the Guide.

See more content at a glance with new Community feed, and view screenshots and game clips in an immersive, full-screen view.

MicrosoftPromotional image for Xbox One X.

Other options include the ability to copy games and apps over your home network and download 4K content ahead of time. In the previous version, sometimes it was hard to find what you were looking for but now with the blocks, you can select content, games or apps whichever you want.

The Mixer tab on the dashboard will now display broadcast previews so you can see what's going on in popular streams before you join them. There's also plenty of other little enhancements and improvements for the dashboard. The Xbox One S is capable of streaming in 4K, and the included HDMI cable does support 4K, so if you are looking for a gaming console and something to stream 4K content, this is definitely a good one to pick up - the PlayStation 4 Pro does also do 4K. If your console is set to receive automatic updates, chances are that you'll already have it installed when you turn it on.

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