PM Modi inaugurates AIIMS-like institute for ayurveda in Delhi

PM Modi inaugurates AIIMS-like institute for ayurveda in Delhi

PM Modi inaugurates AIIMS-like institute for ayurveda in Delhi

The first ever All India Institute of Ayurveda (AIIA) has been inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. "It encompasses social health, public health and environmental health", Modi said while inaugurating the institute. "So far, allopathic doctors and those practising traditional systems of medicine have been working in silos, however, there is a need to break that practice and encourage them to work in tandem", a senior AYUSH ministry official said.

In his speech lasting almost 50 minutes, Modi said progress at the cost of national heritage has always pushed countries towards their doom and that Ayurveda, neglected by colonial powers in a bid to run down traditional Indian knowledge, had never been given the attention it deserved even after Independence.

Modi said that people across the world are going back to nature, and it won't be hard to evolve atmosphere of ayurveda in such times He added that people are attracted to not only good health but also wellness and there is a need to strengthen ayurveda.

"Herbal medicines are becoming popular worldwide, The supporting chains of Ayurveda must be developed Need research on medicines providing instant relief without side effects", says PM Modi. He said the government has allowed 100 per cent FDI in health care.

"People educated in Ayurveda must have full faith in Ayurveda, Let's take the vow of living for Ayurveda", said PM Modi. "Like the IT revolution a few years ago, the time has come for a "health revolution" under the aegis of ayurveda", he added.

He concluded by saying that his government has constructed more than 5 crore toilets in the last three years. In the days under foreign rule, our hermits, science, yoga, Ayurveda, everything was mocked in a bid to reduce people's trust in them.

The PM said the world was heading back to nature and wellness and Ayurveda was India's strength. Ayurveda, he added, did not become a priority until after independence.

He said the Ministries of Ayush and Agriculture can guide farmers to sow medicinal plants in their fields. He said the stress has been on preventive healthcare, and improving affordability and access to treatment.

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