Carrie Fisher gave one man a tongue lashing he's unlikely to forget

Carrie Fisher gave one man a tongue lashing he's unlikely to forget

Carrie Fisher gave one man a tongue lashing he's unlikely to forget

The late, great Carrie Fisher is once again posthumously in the news for being the baddest chick in the game.

Heather Ross - who is originally from Tucson but lives in California and works in Hollywood - spoke to the Arizona radio station 94.9 MixFM about her own experience being sexual assaulted by a Hollywood producer almost 20 years ago.

Ross claimed that an anonymous producer invited her for "dinner" and he attempted to have intercourse with her in the auto.

She later explained the horrific ordeal to Carrie who had a message of her own she wanted to send the producer.

Fisher told Ross that she knew that the producer would be there, so she personally walked to his office and gave him a gift; a attractive Tiffany box with a white bow on it. Heather said Carrie told her she went into his office and placed a box wrapped in wrapping paper and a white bow on his desk.

If you're looking for a unique way to confront sexual harassers, take a page from Carrie Fisher's book.

While Carrie Fisher was alive, she continued to test the boundaries Hollywood put on women. The powerhouse actress and producer was just 16 years old when a director assaulted her. She didn't just stick to her beliefs until the bitter end, she helped others stick up for theirs when the odds were against them. She was true. She did that all on her own; I never even asked her for anything.

"It happened so quickly that I was ashamed of myself, I thought I did something wrong".

But the Weinstein scandal has brought the conversation around sexual assault and harassment in Hollywood back into the spotlight, and Robinson said she's happy to see women garnering support.

Carrie Fisher's legacy lives on, and I hope it does so for many years to come.

The Star Wars actress made it very clear how she felt about sexual harassment and inappropriate behaviour, and apparently hand-delivered a gift-wrapped gift to the producer. And his left hand was on my chest by my neck, holding me down, ' she added.

You can listen to Ross' retelling of the whole experience in the clip above.

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