Florida detective catches 9-foot anaconda barehanded

Florida detective wrangles 9-foot anaconda.                       Leon County SO

Florida detective wrangles 9-foot anaconda. Leon County SO

How would you react if there was a big anaconda in front of you?

Action Jax News reported the Sheriff's Office having said that Shaw has experience in handling exotic snakes and believes the anaconda was someone's pet that escaped.

Her video, since being shared on October 12, has collected over 2.7 lakh views, more than 2,700 reactions and nearly 3,000 shares. It shows the detective first prodding the snake gently with a thick branch.

A Florida detective responded to an unusual call on Wednesday, but it was one that she apparently knew how to handle. "God dern!" said the officer filming the video.

Eventually, the cop lifts up the anaconda with her bare hands and puts it inside a bag. The video of her handling the snake and placing it into a bag to be transported has been shared more than 3,000 times.

"If you own an exotic pet please be responsible", officials warned in a Facebook post along with a video of the capture.

People on Facebook have praised Detective Shaw for her unbelievable work.

The Leon County Sheriff's Office posted the awesome footage on their Facebook page showing how Detective Shaw picked up the snake by its tail and puts it into the bag lying a few feet away.

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