Film on Arvind Kejriwal gets a release date

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Film on Arvind Kejriwal gets a release date

Alleging that Kutty had refused to heed his directions to order an inquiry into the issue of the Delhi Metro fare hike, Arvind Kejriwal alleged in a statement on Friday that the chief secretary had the "backing of the BJP-led Centre" and was "taking orders from BJP".

The humble hatchback was used by an AAP functionary before it was stolen this afternoon.

Police said that they have found CCTV footage from near the site of the incident in which the accused is visible.

You all may are in surprise that why we are talking about a stolen vehicle but wait a minute this is not a normal auto. The police scanned through the market but did not find any clues of the stolen vehicle. It has emerged that stolen vehicles from Delhi are sold there with forged documents.

Dlehi chief secretary MM Kutty is now in the Aam Aadmi Party government's line of fire for allegedly refusing to order an inquiry on the Delhi metro fare hike. Now you may all know that how much this vehicle is important for the Delhi CM. He said though his vehicle being stolen was a small matter, the fact that the Chief Minister's auto could be stolen from right outside the Secretariat pointed towards the worsening law and order condition. The vehicle was used by Arvind Kejriwal during his first election campaign and was widely used during his first tenure as Chief Minister.

Jaihind had sought the "lucky car" for his campaigning when he contested the 2014 Lok Sabha poll from Rohtak. The auto was donated to Kejriwal by Kundan Sharma, a software engineer, in January 2013.

In 2015, Sharma had attracted attention after he expressed his disillusionment with Kejriwal's functioning and demanded that the AAP return his contributions.

An Insignificant Man, a film on Arvind Kejriwal, had been in news recently after it was stalled by the ex-censor board chief, who had asked the filmmakers to get permissions from Prime Minister Narendra Modi and other politicians.

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