'Breaking Bad' house owners build fence to prevent trespassers

Getty Images  Steve Snowden

Getty Images Steve Snowden

The owners of the house used in Breaking Bad as the exterior of Walter White and his family's home have been forced to erect a fence, because fans insist on paying tribute to the show in an exasperating way.

KOB 4 in New Mexico reports that the owners of the home have put up a six-foot high wrought iron fence around the home to prevent it from happening again. Therefore, Breaking Bad didn't actually become a huge hit until near the end of its run.

As it turns out, some people simply can not let go of their Breaking Bad obsession. "We're the ones who [are] being locked up". In order to try and replicate that, fans will show up and toss pizzas on the roof, which is pretty undesirable if you're the owner of the house this is being done to. "We did nothing wrong".

But after one pizza too many, the homeowners of the 1,910-square-foot, one-story, single-family Albuquerque house have chose to take a stand. Joanne Quintana announced this week that Breaking Bad fans can take their dough-hurling elsewhere, because she is erecting a "six-foot-high wrought-iron fence", according to KOB4. The infamous pizza-throwing scene became such an issue for the homeowners that the show's creator, Vince Gilligan, begged fans in 2015 to stop recreating the scene. "We hear about it on a daily basis, so much so that we've gone up on the roof to pull pizza's down". At least be kind and deliver it nicely to their doorstep because everyone loves pizza... just not on a roof.

Quintana says some have even told them "to close our garage" and "get out of the picture".

"It's been done before, you're not the first".

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