Trump threatens NBC's license over 'fake news' report

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was heard calling Trump a'moron after the July meeting where the president said he wanted the U.S. nuclear stockpile to grow back to Cold War numbers

Trump threatens NBC's license over 'fake news' report

NBC early Wednesday reported Trump queried US military officials over the possibility of increasing the nation's nuclear weapons stockpile by tenfold during a summer meeting.

"It's frankly disgusting the way the press is able to write whatever they want to write", Trump said.

U.S. President Donald Trump is denying a Wednesday report that he asked for a tenfold increase in the country's nuclear arsenal during a Pentagon meeting in July.

NBC News reported that top White House aides as well as Cabinet and Pentagon officials were present at the meeting and that several were surprised by the president's apparent lack of understanding of a range of national security and military issues amid a standoff with nuclear-armed North Korea. "It was soon after the meeting broke up that officials who remained behind heard Tillerson say that Trump was a "moron".

President Donald Trump is renewing his feud with NBC News, and this time he's raising the possibility of challenging broadcasting licensing for broadcast outlets. We won't need an increase but I want modernisation and I want total rehabilitation.

He followed with a second tweet calling NBC News "bad for (the) country".

Two officials present said that at multiple points in the discussion, the president expressed a desire not just for more nuclear weapons, but for additional US troops and military equipment.

"I know the capability that we have; believe me, and it is awesome, it is massive, and when they make up stories like that that's just made up", Trump said in the Oval.

"People should look into it".

The president was reacting to an NBC News report that he pushed senior aides for a major expansion of the USA nuclear arsenal.

Last week the Nobel Peace Prize went to the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons, which has openly criticized Trump - and Kim - for making radioactive threats.

While it seems unlikely that NBC stations would lose licenses because of presidential interference, Democrats in Congress expressed concern that Trump could succeed in attempts to infringe upon the freedom of the press.

"I think the movement is towards opinion journalism as opposed to true, pure journalism that tries not to take a side", Rep. Mike Conaway, a Texas Republican, said. "Right now we have so many nuclear weapons I want them in flawless condition, ideal state".

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