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New Emojis Coming in iOS 11.1 Update

While the release of new iPhone updates, such as iOS 11, often cause users to speculate their devices have slowed down, the researchers found that devices running iOS 9, 10 and 11 operated at consistent speeds. Apple has already rolled out two patches to fix some worrying issues. One thing you will notice with the new emojis is that there are many that are now "genderless" since that seems to be what people have been asking for.

Still, there are reasons why people may feel the performance of their phone is affected after updating an existing phone with a new version of iOS. As for slowdowns, it suspects this may have more to do with new features that are resource-intensive and demand more processing power. The option for this new emojis are still hidden and it is likely to be visible with the stable version of the next iOS update. Read on to learn about what you might expect to find once iOS 11.1 is released. Apple is using the American Sign Language "I Love You" hand signal.

New versions of iOS and apps that roll out after a newer iPhone's release may simply not be optimised to work as well on processors inside older iPhone models.

A major company recognizing people who live outside the gender binaries is pretty unbelievable, but it's a pretty hard process to get new emojis approved.

According to Emojipedia, iOS 11.1 will add 56 distinct new emoji, or 239 when gender and skin tone modifiers are taken into consideration. More faces, of course, including star-struck, a literal head exploding face and an emoji that raises one eyebrow.

For the iPhone 6, GPU performance scores increased over time, and only a small jump at the time of iOS 10's release was seen, and another larger increase for iOS 11. Since Apple has been teasing the new emojis that will be coming, we expect the update to hit sooner than later.

The new operating system has not yet notified its users of any security updates.

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