Maken urges AAP, BJP to stop ugly politicking on Metro fare hike

From 10 October for a distance of up to 2 kilometres the Delhi Metro fare will remain Rs10 but for a distance between 2 and 5 kilometres it will go up from Rs15 to Rs20

Maken urges AAP, BJP to stop ugly politicking on Metro fare hike

Kejriwal, through his letter, also informed the central government to his government's readiness to take over DMRC if it wants.

The Aam Aadmi Party government has locked horns with the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation over the proposed hike to be enforced from October 10 - the second this year.

The DMRC was formed in 1995 with equal equity participation of the central government and the government of National Capital Territory of Delhi.

"The Committee's (FFC) recommendations are binding on the Metro Rail Administrations as per provisions of Section-37 of this Act (Metro Act)".

Puri added that if the Delhi government agreed to pay Rs 3,000 crore annually to the DMRC, setting up a fresh Fare Fixation Committee (FFC) could be considered.

He hoped that the spirit of partnership would continue to prevail and a mutually acceptable solution would be found.

The letter from Hardeep Singh Puri, noted that the only alternative that the puts October Metro fare hike on hold is that DMRC is provided with yearly grants-in-aid for the next five years: Rs. 3,040 crore, Rs. 3,616 crore, Rs. 3,318 crore, Rs. 3,150 crore and Rs. 2,980 crore respectively.

The Minister said that advising the nominees of the central and state governments on the Board of DMRC to postpone the hike for a few months - which Kejriwal called a "simpler course" - was "not in conformity" with the Act.

"Neither the Central Government nor the State Government or even the Board of the Company has legal power to change the recommendations made by the FFC". We are confident that we will be able to fund the DMRC by improving its efficiency rather than effecting steep fare hikes and provide an affordable means of transport to the people of Delhi.

The revised fare structure will be is: up to 2 kms - Rs 10, 2-5 kms - Rs 20, 5-12 kms - Rs 30, 12-21 kms - Rs 40, 21-32 kms - Rs 50 and for journeys beyond 32 kms - Rs 60. This, incidentally, is the second instance of a fare hike this year.

Delhi Metro managing director Mangu Singh also met the chief minister at his residence on Sunday.

Starting Tuesday, Delhi Metro rides will become costlier by a maximum of Rs 10 for those travelling over two kilometres in the city.

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