Google Clatters Apple by Using its Firearm and Rolling out Lavishing Smartphones

The announcement of the new Google Pixel smartphone brought many surprises - some good and some bad.

Here's how the find my phone feature works, by the way (it rings your phone through Google Play Services, so it will defeat any silent or DND setting, unless it's an iPhone).

"Clips automatically chooses which moments to capture and keep, so you don't need to be behind the camera", the company says of the US$249 gadget. Many people choose one phone over the other due to their cameras. The phone's software then combines the two images into a single photo that is superior to what just one lens can produce.

It seems that Google want to integrate front facing speakers on Pixel 2 phones. "There are also routines coming to Pixel for the morning, your commute, when you get home, etc". However, a combination of software, hardware, and artificial intelligence (AI) together will create truly ground-breaking products.

Not too long ago, Google had launched its latest range of its Pixel smartphones.

That's it, you are all set, You can also add some more customization to the Google search bar according to your needs. The Pixel 2 can intelligently identify and separate backgrounds and foregrounds based on what the company's algorithms have gleaned from processing that huge trove of data. Yet even with all that RAM, the Pixel 2 XL can't compete in the processing department against the iPhone 8 Plus. Inevitably, Google's competitors will attempt to apply the same techniques to their phones. It is imbued with machine learning that learns to recognize friends and family and help take "stable, clear shots of people you know". The artificially intelligent digital assistant is poised to provide greater capabilities to all the tech giant's hardware, and it just put the competition on notice.

At the same time when Google launched the Home Max, a large and bulky speaker designed specifically to deliver emphatic sound, it also announced a pair sleek wireless earphone. And while I understand Google's desire to maximize the size of the screen by getting it as close as possible to the edges of the device, that shouldn't be as the expense of another feature most of us use on a regular basis. For instance, a #Do Not Disturb feature has been discovered in the handsets, which can be turned on while driving. This means that even passengers who have this feature turned on will not receive the message and call notifications in a moving vehicle.

How do you feel about the 3.5mm jack going the way of the dinosaurs?

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