British PM Theresa Schedules a Meet With Business Chiefs On Brexit

Minister Theresa May

British PM Theresa Schedules a Meet With Business Chiefs On Brexit

The plot came after her showpiece speech to the centre-right party's annual conference on Wednesday - meant to steady her leadership - was plagued by mishaps. "The hard part will be the length of the transition period, what are the issues of cooperation afterwards, and that's why it is important we keep momentum in the negotiations, and both sides are ready and able to negotiate fast".

Sophie Besch claimed, "Berlin is being quite German" about the whole Brexit process and argued that the UK's exit from the bloc was not at the "top of the list" for Angela Merkel.

As officials go into the fifth round of Brexit negotiations, UK Prime Minister Theresa May in a scheduled address to members of parliament has said despite the enormous task of Brexit process, the UK can "prove the doomsayers wrong" adding that, she wants the best possible deal for both the UK and the EU, BBC reports.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn retorted: "Sixteen months on from the referendum, no real progress has been made".

The negotiations are all set to restart this week, marking the fifth week of talks in this regard.

"So it's not unlikely that they again shy away from what are the economic imperatives and we end up cliff-edging by political default."

Ms Chapman said she did not want a Norway-style settlement which involved ongoing contributions to the EU's budget. However, she said in a statement that it was "patently obvious" that the EU's test of "sufficient progress" on key divorce issues were not yet met.

Another senior official said: "There's every reason to be anxious and European industry should take this more seriously".

Brussels has issued a fresh warning that it is up to the United Kingdom to come forward with proposals if it wants to break the deadlock in the stalled Brexit negotiations.

Denmark's foreign minister says the European Union should compromise and agree to move stalled Brexit talks on to a new phase.

May's authority was already diminished by her decision to call a snap election in June that lost her party its majority in parliament just days before the opening of Brexit talks with the European Union.

Concerns are growing that Britain is heading for a disastrous Brexit, crashing out of the European Union with no deal.

61-year-old British PM Theresa May offered concessions in her speech in Florence but the pressure still hasn't detached from the negotiators to uplift the progress and diminish the uncertainty for businesses and citizens in the Britain and Europe.

Unless the British government can find a way to stabilize her leadership and signal to Brussels that back in London the adults are running the show, then, I'm afraid, Britain's instability will continue for months to come.

Anyhow we're not expecting anything new but plenty of peacock-suiting as May tries to re-assert her authority both at home and overseas.

May has raised the prospect of a two-year transition.

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