Colin Kaepernick says he'd go anywhere for National Football League workout

Late Night: Seth Meyers Reflects on Protests During Anthem Love of Football

Late Night: Meyers Reflects on Protests During Anthem

After his experience from Saturday night, he likely will be saying even less.

Earlier on Sunday, CBS' Jason La Canfora said on CBS' NFL pregame show that Kaepernick would stand for the national anthem.

La Canfora said Kaepernick is working out everyday in New Jersey, throwing passes and going to the gym, La Canfora reported. He also said proceeds from his jersey sales would be donated to charity. When, by summer, the former 49er was still jobless, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell explained it had nothing to do with his refusal to stand for the national anthem.

That contention sparked a strong online reaction, which has echoed by Kaepernick. He also will stop kneeling during the anthem in his bid to fully focus on football. When sources told Schefter that Kaepernick would stand for the anthem. "He understands that there's controversy and things that come with him but as a football player, he's hoping to be judged in that manner".

This makes the whole thing even more weird.

In response at National Football League games over the next few days, many more players kneeled during the anthem or locked arms with teammaes and in some cases also with their team's owners.

After the story hit this afternoon, Kaepernick began retweeting others who said the report was false, including one from his girlfriend. However, dozens of quarterbacks, many with skills demonstrably weaker than Kaepernick's, have been signed in his wake.

The question of whether he'll be giving any actual, formal interviews probably has been resolved, for good. And, at least for now, the question of whether he'll kneel or stand isn't relevant, since he continues to not have the opportunity to make that choice.

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