Stranger Things: Will Joyce and Hopper Get Together in Season 2?

Stranger Things: Will Joyce and Hopper Get Together in Season 2?

Stranger Things: Will Joyce and Hopper Get Together in Season 2?

Shockingly unlike most tie-in mobile games Stranger Things: The Game is an absolutely fantastic release. That means that you can expect to wander around some lovely enviornments solving puzzles, doing battle, and finding hidden items.

Clues have been tough to come by for Stranger Things 2, but we did our best investigative work after the trailer was released at San Diego Comic-Con this summer to unearth any clues or secrets.

You play along as your favourite characters from the game, each with their own special abilities like Police Chief Hopper who'll punch pretty much anything, Nancy and her collection of baseball bats and Lucas with his Wrist Rocket. The second season of Stranger Things will air on Netflix on October 27, 2017.

The game includes familiar surroundings, such as Mirkwood Forest, Hawkins Lab, Jim Hopper's home, and the Upside Down.

As of today, the game's now out for iOS and Android phones. Of course, the second season of the show is set in 1984 and the game looks more like it was pulled from the 90s, but hey.

Get weird with more Stranger Things!

So if, like many fans, you were going to watch season 2 regardless, then a free game is only a plus for you.

"I said, 'What if they show you a body?' She said, 'If you don't see it happen, you don't believe it'".

"Stranger Things" season two is nearly upon us, but for those who can't wait any longer, a new mobile gaming app has been launched to take players on an adventure into the Upside Down.

Winona Ryder recently spoke about what it was like playing Joyce Byers in the first season of Stranger Things. Also, players' Speed Run times will be recorded and shareable on social media, so you can compete with your friends.

Season 2 of Stranger Things will return from Demogorgon's defeat and Will Byer's rescue from The Upside Down.

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